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  1. Heatwave fused my cereal into one big piece…

  2. Parenting these days

  3. If only this fit my new iMac 🙁

  4. Customer came through my line, and dropped this on me. Mind = blown.

  5. A group of college girls put this up on their university FB page looking for a room-mate

  6. Hogwarts frisky business

  7. First world police

  8. Kung-Fu kitty!!

  9. Pet crab eats a bowl of noodles

  10. In an alternate universe

  11. Storm Troopers haven’t improved much over the years

  12. There exists two different kinds of nerds…

  13. For anyone who has ever had a dog or cat and brought them along for a ride.

  14. I noticed a familiar face on this Christianmingle.com banner..

  15. Respectful Discourse

  16. Bob’s Burgers Art

  17. Thanks, Obama.

  18. I prefer “Caucasian”…

  19. Stanley and Micheal are great (The office)

  20. Tumbler never fails me…

  21. Neil DeGrasse in his element.

  22. My girlfriend asked for a travel pillow that didn’t make her look silly–here’s the family trying it on.

  23. The bum tripped…. That’s one way to find out a homeless man lives in your attic.

  24. why is he so angry?..

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