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  1. My girlfriend thought she lost me at the art gallery today.

  2. “American food” stand at a festival in Spain

  3. Kangaroo fell over right when I snapped this pic

  4. Spider buddies!

  5. Check out this amazing home made water slide

  6. Vigilante level 1000.

  7. You know what they say about history

  8. Discipline at all times!

  9. Had to make this guide for my paper company on how to deliver my paper. Will update with their response.

  10. I freaking love bath time

  11. World Cup #realtalk

  12. After you shave your balls

  13. As a new 26 year old physician…

  14. This girl takes her Instagram selfies to the next level.

  15. My feelings as an Englishman toward the German World Cup winners.

  16. 2 Girls No Cup

  17. Al Bundy is a legend

  18. This is either the best or worst idea.

  19. Why is everyone complaining about these reposts?

  20. He got it in more than once today….

  21. I have the best partner in crime…

  22. After a weekend with the new SO…

  23. I’m sexy and I know it.

  24. Another classic Al Bundy moment.

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