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  1. You can’t pass a car from the right

  2. What my little brother ought to look like in 220 years….

  3. Paper Airplane Machine!

  4. I’m no artist, but I made this!

  5. I am not an intelligent man…

  6. Potty Training

  7. Canadian police on the job

  8. My cousins friend ordered a chicken burger and asked for mayo on the top and bottom, this is what she got.

  9. So my friend decided to share a picture of his dog on Facebook

  10. Or just because drunk people drop shit.

  11. Potty training (fixed)

  12. Mmm… delicious poverty

  13. I told them my name was “Sarah with an H”

  14. Are you ready for the rapture?

  15. My girlfriend on her period.

  16. I’m a dad that takes my little girls to the woods, then photoshops them into extreme adventures (pt.2)

  17. This place must get crazy on the weekends

  18. The most badass one-liner. EVER.

  19. My parents were away for the weekend so I sent them a photoshopped picture of the house on fire. Mom wasn’t too thrilled

  20. Found this earlier today.

  21. One of my dogs is having a case of the Mondays…

  22. My day was shit until I read this.

  23. Ahh, the good old day.

  24. Finished painting the kitchen, went to sit down and found this. Nothing too strange, except the fact I don’t have a cat.

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