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  1. How many goals is Germany going to score?

  2. Quality.

  3. I’m so in debt I can…

  4. Daddy won’t mind

  5. Dirty Dog!!!! 🙂

  6. Went to Thailand, so here is a elephant with sunglasses.

  7. Found in the restroom of a Korean restaurant in Seoul.

  8. You’ve just been serviced by fingerbang plumbing

  9. A while ago, my mom pulled my younger brother over because she suspected he was stoned. He claimed he looked fine and challenged her to take a picture for later. You be the judge

  10. My local newspaper

  11. Who I imagine is in charge of r/funny

  12. That’s a pretty unfortunate typo.

  13. I set up a Tinder account for Edward Snowden, these are my favorite interactions with the matches so far

  14. Skater dads be like…

  15. The little girl I nanny made a picture of me..

  16. Mwahahaha!

  17. Some say this is the greatest cosplay…

  18. Guy leaves his phone at the pub after watching Argentina beat Holland today.. This ensued.

  19. Woah! I think I saw a boob!

  20. I say this to myself every time at work

  21. Lets take and minute and remember where Kim Kardashian really came from.

  22. Nailed the Halloween costume

  23. Kids wanted their heads shaved for summer. Mom said okay. Not sure we were on the same page [OC]

  24. Immediately regret giving my character 3 intelligence.

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