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  1. After receiving a jury duty summons for the first time in almost 8 years

  2. Hours later and I finally got the son of a bitch. Decided to celebrate the kill with a trophy mount. (This was my first post, two years ago today…decided to bring it back.)

  3. Maybe we can collect the molten gold, now that he is dead!

  4. Saw it on internet,seems funny to me

  5. Just saw this guy on russian cruiser Peter the Great

  6. Monday morning, rush hour

  7. Spay and Neuter for the sake of Bob and Steve

  8. Found someones home while playing Frisbee golf in North Carolina.

  9. I would have laughed too

  10. Even when I’m home they don’t notice me

  11. This is why your bike seat shouldn’t be the color of your skin.

  12. Ilerminaty

  13. I don’t think I’ve seen smaller cars than this.

  14. Bart Simpson & Roman numerals

  15. Updated Maxell ad

  16. I’m sick of your shit nature.

  17. coworkers daughter is using this as her food journal

  18. Nintendo called it

  19. Is Funny Because It’s True

  20. If only there was something to fix it

  21. My gay friend just came out to his father, the response warmed my cold heart :’)

  22. To the black guy who is meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. They’re very excited to meet you.

  23. Ding, Dong! Hello, this is dog.

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