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  1. Went to the zoo and saw a bobcat.

  2. This baby is a whole 7 mins old & already fed up with life

  3. I have a gif

  4. The exact moment her phone was lost forever

  5. So a savior walks into a bar.

  6. Your shitty history lesson for the day

  7. Suarez Park

  8. That’s a low blow, county fair.

  9. Throwing Q-tips at my dog

  10. Clinton said this??

  11. My friend accidentally put a hole in his wall while moving furniture. I came up with a quick fix

  12. The guy on the right is so shocked he becomes a teapot

  13. If there’s anything on the inside of the toilet bowl when I pee

  14. An apt description

  15. Couldn’t stop laughing, I love TPB!

  16. Thanks, Ad Council… 🙁 [Fixed]

  17. One of my favorite twitter interactions

  18. “Stay in your own lane, bitch”

  19. Two very random couples running into each other.

  20. Have you seen it?

  21. That’s my kind of bear

  22. Every single year Obama says he’s a different age. Last year he was 51, this year he’s 52. Which is it!? #Conspiracy #Benghazi #CoverUp

  23. Every time I watch a GIF

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