We’re wired to the gif-factory on Reddit to find the top trending gifs every single day. These are today’s upvoted gifs, crowd-curated by a hivemind of over 2.6 million Redditors.

  1. a-door-able

  2. MacGyver’s got some smooth moves.

  3. Harrison the sugar glider taking his first flying lesson…you could say my roommate was amused, to say the least.

  4. The eternal dance (X-post from /r/loadingicon)

  5. And the crowd goes wild!

  6. Flying Cat (Re: So Big!)

  7. Funny Prank. Passenger sees a ghost.

  8. This guy is a total badass. Kite surfer jumps over island.

  9. Who needs wings?

  10. How to flatten a hamster.

  11. Wait what

  12. Abduction Cat (Re: Flying Cat!) (Re: So Big!)

  13. In slow motion

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