We’re wired to the gif-factory on Reddit to find the top trending gifs every single day. These are today’s upvoted gifs, crowd-curated by a hivemind of over 2.6 million Redditors.

  1. I don’t know how to explain this gif.

  2. How to fool a hockey goaltender

  3. There has to be a better way

  4. Transmokers

  5. Dog overboar….never mind

  6. Hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen dioxide Jetpack (Demo flown around Ronald Reagan building)

  7. Deal with it

  8. Beluga Whale frightens child

  9. Up the butt gif without the stupid ending.

  10. The Rock improvised this line. Ludacris’ reaction is real.

  11. Why is this so fun to watch?

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