Barring the occasional dubstep remix, OkayPotato is at its best when you have P-Man grilling scenesters with awkward questions in an interview format – this episode captures some unintentional lulz at an open mic event in Mumbai. There’s some genuine wit and straight talk from ballers who wear their mum’s gold chain to a rap gig.

Naezy who raps in Hindi seems to be the best find so far – this video went up on Feb 10th, and has ~1500 views. Why hasn’t this gone viral yet?

As good a time as any to plug Kobra Rapper, for creating an underground, under-appreciated Marathi rap hit with Veda back in 2011.

We assume Kobra Rapper was excluded from this gig because he lives in Navi Mumbai. We look forward to a day when we have our own Navi Mumbai vs. South Mumbai rap feuds. Here are some more rap releases from India, judged solely on the metric of YouTube views.





Who are your fav. Indian rappers? Feel free to share your personal list of Top 5 on the social webs or comments below.

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