Patton once said, “War is a the greatest sport on earth”, or at least that’s what he said in the movie, all gruff voiced and alpha male. He was a man of action, all right. We worship the biggest killers in history, Achilles, Alexander, Leonidas, Attilla the Hun, Patton, we’ve had major motion pictures about all of them. Vin Diesel is coming out with a movie on Hannibal. There’s an animated series on Saladin in the works.

If history hadn’t glamorized war so much, would we be more peaceful as a species? I feel a bit awkward asking that, it’s a bit like saying those Columbine kids went on a killing spree cause of Doom. Lest we forget, murder comes naturally to chimps.

But war ain’t always glamorous. Heck, there’s a lot of wars we don’t wanna know about, or care to know about, because network TV has a weird way of filtering out the noise, especially if it is in Africa.

Which is why I’d like to dedicate this gushing, glowing tribute to War Nerd. He’s written about Congo, Darfur, Liberia, Togo, Haiti, Syria, and all the other B-list countries that you never get to hear about. Not out of empathy, just a nerd kink for a sporting activity that we’ve been doing since we developed thumbs.

He’s no expert. He makes that very clear, he’s a fat, overweight data entry operator in Fresno, California, whose only joy in life comes from reading up everything he can on war. But he’s more refreshing than anything I’ve seen on TV or print yet. And I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know earlier:

Guess who invented the concentration camp? – The Brits.

What’s the American military’s greatest strength? – Logistics.

What’s the only terrorist group with an Air force? – LTTE.

Why don’t we hear much about the Carthaginian Genocide? – Cause they’re all fucking dead.

Like I said, he’s not an expert, just a fan. Wholesome Edutainment. I’ll leave you with his accounts on the LTTE, Hezbollah, and wrap it up with his doctrine of Asymmetrical War.

War Nerd now writes for PandoDaily, click this link to receive enlightenment.

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  • Is there a book I can buy?

  • War Nerd doesn’t have a book out yet, but John dolan, who I suspect is war nerd, does have a book, it’s called Pleasant Hell. Not much about war, but about stultifying peace.