Applying petroleum jelly on your face is probably the worst idea ever, but if you’re immune to a diet of pesticide-laced food and chlorinated water, Vaseline is an eco-friendly way to maintain facial hygiene when at a bukkake/gangbang.

Vaseline, the brand associated with anal sex and other insalubrious sexual acts have recruited a bunch of aam aadmis to show off their sexy poses in an attempt to go viral. The idea here is to “Face-off” against Shahid Kapoor, with a “signature” pose.

These videos are obviously from a new media agency, one that is attempting to get some buzz on the Twitter and blogosphere world. At less than 100 pageviews, at present, all the post production values might not actually prompt real world folks to do the same.

Will you be slutshaming yourself on the internet for a Micromax phone or a Galaxy Tab? How much did these guys pay to humiliate themselves on the internet? Is this funny to you? If you have an opinion, please goatse the internet with it by blogging and RTing about it.

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