1. Tony Abbott: Australia to send military force to fight Isis ‘death cult’
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 09:08:44

    Some 600 personnel, including special forces troops, and eight F/A-18F Super Hornet jets will make up military contribution to international coalition Continue reading…

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  2. Sun and Wind Alter Global Energy Outlook
    Published by The New York times on 2014-09-14 at 21:34:30

    Germany’s renewable-energy push has had an impact far beyond its shores, driving down costs faster than almost anyone thought possible just a few years ago.

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  3. N Korea jails US man for six years
    Published by BBC on 2014-09-14 at 17:53:31

    An American man in North Korea is sentenced to six years of hard labour for "hostile" acts against Pyongyang, state media say.

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  4. Australia joining the fight against Isis can be justified but where will it end?
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 12:30:04

    Tony Abbott has pushed hard for Australian intervention but it brings the risk of more retaliation and becoming embroiled in what he calls the witches brew Continue reading…

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  5. Isis video claims to show beheading of British hostage David Haines
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 13:17:16

    Haines, 44, an aid worker, was captured in Syria in 2013David Cameron denounces the murder as act of pure evilDavid Haines: a fantastic man and father Continue reading…

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  6. Arab Nations Offer to Fight ISIS From Air
    Published by The New York times on 2014-09-15 at 06:25:13

    American officials have made it clear they do not want the airstrikes to get ahead of the ground action against ISIS, which they said would take time to mass.

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  7. ‘Miss America’ Broadcast Misspells Jane Austen As ‘Jane Austin’
    Published by Huffington Post on 2014-09-15 at 09:41:40

    Looks like someone at the "Miss America" pageant is lacking a little sense and sensibility.

    During Sunday night’s broadcast, bits of trivia about each contestant popped up on the screen, including the fact that Miss New York Kira Kazantsev (who…

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  8. 72% Of Americans Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress
    Published by Huffington Post on 2014-09-15 at 07:33:13

    An astounding 72% percent of Americans say they are unhappy with Republicans in Congress, according to a recent poll.

    President Obama and the Democrats fared a bit better. The poll, conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News and released last week, f…

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  9. Gaza children back to school after 50-day war
    Published by AlJazeera on 2014-09-15 at 00:35:43

    More than 250 schools are damaged, while some 64,000 refugees are still being housed in 20 Gaza schools.

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  10. Imitation Game wins Toronto top prize
    Published by BBC on 2014-09-15 at 04:05:53

    Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game wins the People’s Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival.

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  11. Senator Bernie Sanders ‘thinking of running for president’ in 2016
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-15 at 02:42:42

    Self-described socialist Independent speaks to NBCRun from left could challenge Hillary Clinton Continue reading…

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  12. End of a war, start of a school year in Gaza – video
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 21:16:00

    More than 500,000 school children in Gaza begin a new school year on Sunday after 51 days of war. The opening had been delayed for two weeks because of damage to schools and the use of UN school buildings as temporary centres to house displaced people. Ch…

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  13. Django Unchained actor alleges racial bias after being held by LA police
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 23:43:09

    Daniele Watts claims police assumed she was a prostitute Actor says she was humiliated in incident with partner Continue reading…

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  14. Hundreds feared dead as boat sinks off Libya
    Published by AlJazeera on 2014-09-15 at 04:39:07

    Libyan navy officials say only 26 people have been rescued so far on vessel carrying up to 250 migrants.

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  15. Merkel speaks out on anti-Semitism
    Published by BBC on 2014-09-14 at 21:55:21

    Fighting anti-Semitism is every German’s duty, German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells a mass rally in Berlin, after growing attacks on Jews.

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  16. Algeria’s al-Qaeda defectors join IS group
    Published by AlJazeera on 2014-09-14 at 20:55:37

    ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria’ split from al-Qaeda’s North African branch, allying with the Islamic State group.

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  17. New Zealand PM deceiving public over spying claims, says Glenn Greenwald
    Published by The Guardian on 2014-09-14 at 17:45:38

    Journalist says he will produce documents by Edward Snowden that prove John Key approved mass surveillance of citizens Continue reading…

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  18. Swedish left-wing bloc wins election
    Published by AlJazeera on 2014-09-15 at 06:52:49

    Social Democrats to lead new coalition – but far-right party scores large gains to become third-largest in country.

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  19. Iraq’s Falluja hospital ‘shelled’
    Published by BBC on 2014-09-14 at 19:34:25

    A hospital in the Iraqi city of Falluja, which is under the control of Islamic State fighters, has been hit by government shelling, reports say.

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  20. Pope marries cohabiting couples
    Published by BBC on 2014-09-14 at 21:03:53

    Pope Francis marries 20 Italian couples at the Vatican, including some who were cohabiting, one of them with a child.

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