1. Obama, at Selma Memorial, Says, ‘We Know the March Is Not Yet Over’
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-03-08 at 01:26:57

In an address on the spot of what became known as “Bloody Sunday” in Alabama 50 years ago, President Obama rejected the notion that race relations had not improved since then.

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3. IS ‘demolishes’ ancient Iraqi site
     Published by BBC on 2015-03-08 at 04:42:35

Islamic State militants are destroying the ruins of the ancient city of Hatra, according to Iraq's tourism and antiquities ministry.

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4. Boko Haram Generates Uncertainty With Pledge of Allegiance to Islamic State
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-03-08 at 02:06:47

The Nigerian terrorist group appeared to make a spiritually binding oath to follow the authority of the Islamic State, but experts said the practical significance of the move was unclear.

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5. History’s ‘invisible’ women
     Published by edition.cnn.com on 2015-03-08 at 09:07:28

History's 'invisible' women

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8. Where husbands rape without penalty
     Published by edition.cnn.com on 2015-03-08 at 13:15:26

Where husbands rape without penalty

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9. Protests after U.S. police killing
     Published by edition.cnn.com on 2015-03-08 at 07:59:17

Nineteen-year-old Tony Robinson was not armed when a Madison, Wisconsin, police officer fatally shot him, Police Chief Mike Koval said Saturday.

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10. Anti-Netanyahu rally draws huge crowd in Israeli city
     Published by Al Jazeera on 2015-03-08 at 11:17:29

Israeli media says about 30,000 people gather in Tel Aviv calling for PM to be replaced in March 17 national elections.

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15. Emma Watson: Advance gender equality
     Published by edition.cnn.com on 2015-03-08 at 13:33:32

Emma Watson wants to know: "What are you doing to advance gender equality?"


17. The ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Had The Most Magical Reunion Ever
     Published by Huffington Post on 2015-03-08 at 04:10:21

We solemnly swear that this is amazing.

Draco Malfoy was hanging out with the Weasleys in West Hollywood recently and decided to share the Hogwarts reunion on Instagram for all us Muggles to see. Ten points to Slytherin for that! 

Joining actor Tom Felt...

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18. Comme des Garçons Turns Up the Volume
     Published by The New York Times on 2015-03-08 at 03:36:17

Comme des Garçons’ oversize and overstuffed creatures, padded like pillows or caged like birds, made for some of the week’s most gorgeous and inexplicable visions.

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19. Could this lake become ‘dead zone’?
     Published by edition.cnn.com on 2015-03-08 at 09:35:57

Could this lake become 'dead zone'?

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20. Democratic Senator Uses Selma Trip To Lobby GOP On Voting Rights Bill
     Published by Huffington Post on 2015-03-08 at 03:54:45

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) is among the hoards of lawmakers in Selma, Alabama, this weekend to mark the 50th anniversary of the historic civil rights marches, which sparked passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

But he's not just there for a...

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