1. Trump: McCain’s ‘not a war hero’
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:31:32

Trump: The guy GOP can't ignore | Cruz refuses to condemn Trump remarks

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2. F1 driver Jules Bianchi dies at 25
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:50:49

What role did weather play in Bianchi's crash?

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3. Obama defines rape when asked about Cosby
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:29:31

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that there is no precedent for revoking the U.S. Medal of Freedom -- as some have called for him to do -- given to comedian and actor Bill Cosby. But the President did outline his definition of rape.

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5. Loch Ness Monster: New theory
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:48:38

Loch Ness Monster believers everywhere brace yourselves: Nessie might just be a catfish.

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6. Cameron must work hard to engineer pay equality
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 02:00:09

The PM says needs to honour his promise to raise women’s salaries by giving the people he chooses to tackle the problem adequate resourcesIt is more than 40 years since the Equal Pay Act and still employers are only inching forward. In 2010 the coalitio...

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7. Video shows Queen’s Nazi salute
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 00:20:54

Video shows Queen's Nazi salute

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8. ISIS bombing: Victims lured by ice
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:46:13

20 years to defeat ISIS? | UK pilots took part in Syria strikes | Iraq 'battling to take back Anbar'

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9. One man’s search for harmony on the West Bank
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 00:30:06

Ramzi Aburedwan – a stone-throwing poster boy of the first intifada – is now using music to bring ‘normality’ to Palestinian life. Ivan Solotaroff hears his incredible storyIn the spring of 1996, a pair of bullet-proof Chevy Suburbans pulled into ...

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10. George Christensen welcomes Reclaim Australia split, rejecting ‘anti-Muslim’ element
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 00:03:40

Government backbencher says Reclaim Australia ‘certainly want those people out of there’ after Brisbane organisers quit during weekend of rallies Related: Five arrested as Reclaim Australia and anti-racism protesters face off in Sydney Federal governm...

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11. The Open 2015: Scottish ‘hoolie’ blows golfers away
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 01:21:08

The Open 2015: Scottish 'hoolie' blows golfers away

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12. NYT: Cosby said he could read nonverbal clues of consent
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:25:20

NYT: Cosby said he could read nonverbal clues of consent

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13. Wife sticks with him
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:24:29

A report that Camille Cosby is standing firmly by her beleaguered husband has folks talking.

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14. Detained China human rights lawyer confesses: state media
     Published by Yahoo on 2015-07-19 at 01:40:37

A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer has "confessed guilt" a week after being detained in a major crackdown on legal activists, state media said. The official Xinhua news agency said late Saturday that he "admitted guilt" and pleade...

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15. UK tourists say they were deported from China after watching Genghis Khan film
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 00:58:54

Chinese authorities say the 20 South African, British and Indian nationals were deported for watching video clips depicting terrorismChina deported 20 foreigners from Britain, South Africa and India because they watched video clips that advocated terroris...

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16. KKK, Black Panthers hold rallies
     Published by CNN on 2015-07-19 at 02:45:37

Supporters of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers clashed outside the South Carolina Capitol in Columbia on Saturday.

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17. UK will help US destroy IS – Cameron
     Published by BBC on 2015-07-19 at 03:39:41

Britain is committed to working with the US to destroy the "caliphate" set up by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, Prime Minister David Cameron says.

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18. Taiwan poised to elect female president in historic first
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 02:15:46

Hung Hsiu-chu of ruling Nationalists will run against Hung Hsiu-chu of the Democratic Progressive party in January 2016 electionsThe top two political parties in Taiwan have each nominated a woman for president elections in 2016, a historic first signalli...

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19. #BlackLivesMatter: the birth of a new civil rights movement
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 03:00:01

How a new generation of tech-savvy activists made violence against African Americans into global headline newsAlicia Garza was in a bar in Oakland, California, drinking bourbon when the verdict came in. It was July 2013 and she had been following the tria...

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20. Reburial of woman in native Ireland highlights 183-year-old murder mystery
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-07-19 at 00:00:08

Catherine Burns arrived in 1832 to work on the Pennsylvania railroad. Six weeks later she and 57 others were dead. Now a remarkable project is telling their storyCatherine Burns will be buried in her native County Tyrone in Northern Ireland on Sunday, 183...

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