1. Samsung Wants to Make "See Through" Trucks That Are Safer to Pass
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-06-21 at 15:00:00

Here’s a thought: Wouldn’t passing a big truck be an awful lot safer if a video display on the vehicle’s back showed drivers what was happening up front? The “transparent truck” concept isn’t exactly new
 , but Samsung is now trying to bring t...

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3. At last, the Raspberry Pi mini PC has an official case
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-06-21 at 09:28:00

There's no question that the Raspberry Pi is successful among the homebrew computing crowd. However, it's not what you'd call consumer-friendly -- the bare circuit board you normally get is clearly intended for tinkerers who plan to put the mini PC i...

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4. Taylor Swift calls Apple Music free trial ‘shocking, disappointing’ in open letter
     Published by The Verge on 2015-06-21 at 06:41:34

Taylor Swift has just posted an open letter to Apple entitled "To Apple, Love Taylor" explaining why she's holding back her latest album, 1989, from the new Apple Music streaming service. The problem, Swift says, is that for the three month fr...

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5. The best gadgets of the week for June 21
     Published by Android Central on 2015-06-21 at 10:00:26

We're going to try out a new series where we highlight the latest connected devices and accessories. Everything here has recently gone on sale for the first time, or is shipping in the near future. These will span Bluetooth accessories, connected home de...

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6. Polygon Live: Need for Speed
     Published by Polygon on 2015-06-21 at 17:00:02

Need for Speed, Ghost Games' reboot of the long-running racing franchise, is drawing upon a lot of inspiration from the series' past, with live-action cutscenes, deep customizability and a tone that draws from the Underground era. To find out m...

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7. HTC One M9 photo comparison: Before and after the latest firmware update
     Published by Android Central on 2015-06-21 at 12:00:20

The camera experience isn't the strongest feature of the One M9, but HTC hopes that updates are making it better. European versions of the HTC One M9 received a pretty substantial update at the start of June that claimed to improve many aspects of the ph...

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8. Sony’s wafer-thin, Android-powered 4K TVs will start at $2,499
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-06-21 at 16:34:00

Spring has come and gone without any sign of Sony's promised X900C and X910C TVs, but those super-thin 4K sets are finally on their way... well, almost. The slimmest of the bunch, the 0.19-inch thick X900C series, is now slated to arrive in July at h...

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10. What Actors Should Play the Emotions Not in Inside Out?
     Published by Wired on 2015-06-21 at 05:00:26

Five emotions can't possibly be enough, so we cast the other 19. You know, just in case there's a sequel.
The post What Actors Should Play the Emotions Not in Inside Out? appeared first on WIRED.

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11. How No Man’s Sky creator is using clever tech to build a truly indie game universe
     Published by Venture Beat on 2015-06-21 at 09:01:29

There's a renaissance for indie game studios, and that makes Sean Murray very happy.

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14. Google to exclude ‘revenge porn’ from internet searches
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-06-21 at 04:31:07

Search giant to issue forms for people to request removal of links to pictures and video of them as images ‘serve only to degrade victims’Google plans to exclude “revenge porn” from its internet searches in future, limiting the spread of unauthori...

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15. Slack Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Enterprise Tech
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-06-21 at 16:00:37

 Slack’s valuation soared to $2.8 billion in less than two years, and has doubled in the past six months alone — all without any big marketing campaigns. The startup’s adoption curve and rave reviews are something many founders and ...

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16. NASA Image Gallery Brings All Your Favorite Space Photos Under One Roof
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-06-21 at 13:00:00

Ever come across a gorgeous Hubble image
 , or an article showing some of NASA’s cool new Mars lander tech
 , and wish you could remember where those lovely photos live? Rejoice, space nerds: NASA is making your life easier than ever, with the launch of...

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18. UK Woman Gets "World’s Most Advanced" Bionic Hand Replacement
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-06-21 at 09:00:00

A new technology has enabled a woman who was born without a right hand to ride a bike for the first time, among other new abilities.Read more...

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20. NVIDIA Shield TV review: the best Android set-top box you can buy
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-06-21 at 12:30:00

Never let it be said that Google gives up on ideas that don't pan out the first time. Remember when it tried invading our living rooms with clunky, disappointing set-top boxes? And then when that very same software went on to find a life right on sma...

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