1. Google Play now lets you preregister for upcoming apps and games
     Published by CNet on 2015-05-10 at 11:10:35

Sign up to preregister for a hot new game or app that's coming soon, you'll be the first to know when you can download it.

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2. A big Ren and Stimpy mural pops up in Brooklyn
     Published by The Verge on 2015-05-10 at 00:06:02

Brooklyn got a little extra artistic joy this week with the creation of a Ren and Stimpy mural on Graham Ave. The street artist known as Jerkface is the force behind the cement collage of wide, pink eyes and flopping tongues. Cartoons seem lik...

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3. Tiny robot practices surgery on a wounded grape
     Published by Daily Dot on 2015-05-10 at 07:54:03

But put your robot-surgery nightmares on hold.

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4. Mystery radio signals that baffled astronomers for years came from the staff microwave
     Published by The Verge on 2015-05-10 at 13:11:02

Beginning in the late '90s, once or twice a year, astronomers operating the telescope at the Parkes observatory in New South Wales, Australia would pick up mysterious radio signals. These signals were known as perytons, described in a recent r...

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5. Watch The Sun Go Down On Mars
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-05-10 at 12:00:00

At the end of another long day examining rocks on Mars, Curiosity stopped for a moment to watch the sun go down — the first time in 956 sunsets that the rover has watched it in color. Read more...

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6. CHIP is a $9 Raspberry Pi killer
     Published by Endgadget on 2015-05-10 at 06:34:00

The Raspberry Pi was definitely a game changer when it hit shelves at only $35. But CHIP is hoping to make the Pi look positively pricey by comparison. The Kickstarter campaign has already blown way past its $50,000 goal. In fact, at the time of this...

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7. Flying Car Crashes During Test Flight
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-05-10 at 13:30:00

A flying car crashed during a test flight in Slovakia on Friday. The Aeromobil car was piloted by Stefan Klein, a co-founder of the company. Klein was able to deploy a parachute for the vehicle, which is said to have helped ease the severity of the impact...

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8. It’s all about online gaming in this new teaser for Halt and Catch Fire
     Published by The Verge on 2015-05-10 at 07:00:02

Last year AMC unleashed the first season of Halt and Catch Fire, a fascinating character study that took place against the backdrop of the 1980s PC revolution (yes, I was a fan). Given the tumultuous ending co-creators Christopher Cantwell and...

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9. Today brought a tropical storm, 2 tornados, and an earthquake to the U.S.
     Published by Daily Dot on 2015-05-10 at 14:11:45

Mother Nature had a busy Mother's Day, apparently.

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10. A Web Browser On The Apple Watch Is As Bad As You’d Imagine
     Published by Gizmodo on 2015-05-10 at 14:00:00

There is a short list of things that smartwatches are good for. Browsing the internet is not one of them. Read more...

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11. A look inside the Samsung browser
     Published by Android Central on 2015-05-10 at 12:43:42

The Samsung browser is quick and offers a few neat features if you have no prior browser lock-in.  Depending on what carrier you bought your Samsung phone from, chances are you may not even have Samsung's built-in browser (simply called "Internet" in the...

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12. ​How a French vacation shows we need high-tech addresses
     Published by CNet on 2015-05-10 at 06:00:04

Even in the Net era, physical addresses are important in mature and developing economies. That's why companies like Google and What3words offer global location-encoding systems.

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15. Here’s One Thing All the Billion-Dollar Unicorns Have in Common
     Published by Recode on 2015-05-10 at 08:06:55

Do you believe in magic? How about something better: The liquidation preference.

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16. Timeline: How Uber’s valuation went from $60M in 2011 to a rumored $50B this month
     Published by Venture Beat on 2015-05-10 at 13:24:25

By the end of this month, Uber could be a $50 billion company. Here's a look back at how that happened.

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17. Apple’s Beats deal finally starts to make some sense
     Published by The Guardian on 2015-05-10 at 02:15:08

A year ago, Apple bought headphone company Beats for $3bn. It turns out that it was its streaming business that was so tempting Continue reading...

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18. How We Can Use Livestreaming Apps to Promote Justice
     Published by Wired on 2015-05-10 at 05:00:43

What we’ve learned about how livestreaming can be used for social justice, and where the risks are.
The post How We Can Use Livestreaming Apps to Promote Justice appeared first on WIRED.

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19. The 5 worst mothers streaming on Netflix
     Published by Daily Dot on 2015-05-10 at 08:51:36

These movies are way more fun than movies about good moms.


20. U.K. Mattress Startup Eve Picks Up Backing From Octopus Investments
     Published by Tech Crunch on 2015-05-10 at 12:12:53

 What is it about e-commerce mattress startups of late? In the U.S., Casper made headlines last year after raising $13.1 million in Series A funding led by New Enterprise Associates. The company wants to “reinvent the way mattresses are made a...

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