News travels fast, and some news stories tend to attract news channels like something that really attracts something else. I heard this kidnapping story this morning when my cabdriver told me about it. (He was insulted that a fellow keralite would malign his community so) And now I see the Indian blogosphere erupting over this story like that IIPM scandal of yore.

I don’t even need to watch TV to know that most channels are probably demonizing Orkut for corrupting our moral values and destroying the virtuous fabric of our society and whatnot. Reading this blog however, confirmed this.

The discussion of course started of with the host quoting some random blog post titled that “Orkut killed Adnan”. Duh!!! When I heard things spoken by the host during the discussion like “Should Orkut be banned?”

This is just the kind of episode where the masses will agree that there needs to be some kind of censorship on the internet, and probably get it. People get the kind of government they deserve.
What about the good Orkut has done to our society? What about all the lonely internet nerds who have humped other internet nerds based on superficial epigenetic activities like books, music and movies? How many people are in long, meaningful relationships with their internet girlfriends? What about all the repressed, asymmetrical, underage/overage, underweight/overweight teens who hide behind avatars of bollywood characters, whose only pleasure comes in inarticulate cybersex peppered with bathos-ridden smileycentral gifs?

It’s certainly less humiliating than matrimony sites, where they’re paired with each other like some warped eugenics experiment, where the gene pool shrinks to a point that it’s almost incest.

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2 Responses

  1. Raj

    “Other media, it seems fails to accept Internet as a legitimate media. I see this mentality time and again displayed by the mainstream media (television and newspapers -vernacular as well as english both) to either raise an issue or just blame the technology, whenever something wrong happens in the society?…For god sake, Internet is just a medium, it is no killer.” They just need an excuse to mount their attacks. Blaming Orkut is just like blaming cars just cos people use them for abductions. Hasn’t their ever been a case of matrimonial fraud (when the info given in he matrimonial ad in the matrimonial column) through a newspaper? of course then were the news papers bad or was it just the matri** columns? anyway, long live Orkut!

  2. Sriram

    Raj: I agree with you on all points except for the long live Orkut part. Orkut will age horribly and die lonely and bitter in a few years, to be replaced by next big social networking thingie that will be populated by tossers playing keep-up with the herd animal.

    Facebook is where the cool people are now.