This machine can pitch kickstarter projects

In this series, we’ll be dispensing tips on leveling up your techtree, to help you make the right decisions when buying or upgrading. Let’s get started by explaining why a full fledged desktop PC is the best tool to harness all the potential of computing, and why it’s the first thing you should get, instead of spending your money on a laptop, console or a smartphone.

While everyone’s got a smartphone these days, it looks like desktop PCs don’t get enough love – and why should they? The lack of mobility kills the appeal, with laptops, tablets and smartphones selling you the idea of sitting at a cafe and getting things done, on the go. But if you’re looking for maximum bang for the buck, a do-anything machine that unleashes your inner genius, a desktop PC is the wisest thing to buy. Here’s why.

1. Desktop PCs last forever – in most cases, failure can be isolated to a component or two, which means that you stay in control of every aspect of it.

2. Laptops screw up your posture and vision – Most laptops have terrible displays, and even the best displays can’t compensate for the VFM available at the display side of things – I’m using a 22-inch 1920x1080p IPS display from LG that cost me $150. I can add more screens to the desktop if I want.

3. A full sized keyboard and monitor, when paired with a great workstation desk and chair can really improve productivity. As opposed to being slung on a couch, and grinding it out over a trackpad on a beanbag.

4. A quadcore desktop PC costs as little as an iPhone 5. Pound for pound, you’re just getting more hardware for your money. You can tough it out with a $100 dual-core smartphone if you’re in the poor house.

5. Did I mention that you can always upgrade this thing?

6. You can run as many OSes as you want.

7. Upgradable storage and features. Add SSD, or HDDs by the terabyte.

8. Powerful laptops are expensive. Most desktops would easily beat laptops on benchmarks, price being the same.

9) You can add a graphics card if you’re into gaming.

10) Spilling coffee or beer over your keyboard won’t destroy the motherboard, and everything else underneath.  A friend of mine found out from personal experience – The Macbook Pro is not spill proof!


If powercuts are common in your area – you need a UPS/Inverter setup to go with your system.

Don’t buy an all-in-one PC – the lack of upgradability makes it the worst buying proposition.

SFF PCs also significantly reduce ability to upgrade – Don’t buy one of these either. Unless space is at a premium.

You can always plug a laptop to a large monitor, as long as you’re able to optimise your workspace.

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