If you have a wireless LAN network at home, there’s a ton of cool shit you can do in terms of interoperability and customisation. These are some clever user interface enhancements that are available for free, and things that work well for me.

Mozilla Weave: It allows you to sync your firefox tabs, and reopen them another machine. Opera Unite does the same thing, but I dont use opera because awesomebar remembers everything for me and I dont think all that browsing history can be exported into Opera.
Ubiquity – This is also a very promising project that plans to bring a very natural commandline interface to the browser. It provides a lot of in-browser command line integration and allows for quick recall through a maze of windows.
Enso: Enso is similar to Ubiquity, but for the Windows user environment. The footer says that it was made in 2006, and is dedicated to the memory of Jeff Raskin.
Synergy: Allows me to set up a virtual KVM interface that lets me switch focus between multiple PCs using just one keyboard and mouse. I am partial to my Desktop PC’s keyboard, right now.
TabHunter: Another Firefox app, this lets me jump to any of my firefox taps by hitting CTRL & Alt & T.
I also use TinyVNC sometimes to turn my torrent on or off from my iPod Touch.I use Logitech Remote to repurpose my iPod touch a multi-touch trackpad. Apple’s Remote software allows me to control my iTunes playlist from anywhere in the house. It has one of the best user interfaces for recall and discovery, and all these apps are free.

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