It’s an awesome representation of internet democracy when the comments thread for such CSR propoganda videos gets hijacked on YouTube. People on the internet are for the most part the smartest in the world, and their judgement has been swift.

शर्म आनी चाहिए ऐसे बुद्धिजीवियों को जिनकी बुद्धि बिकाऊ है… लोगों की लाश पर बना व्यापार… हेप्पीनेस नहीं दुःख, मौत, और भ्रष्टाचार बाँट रहे हैं… डूब मरना चाहिए ऐसे लोगों को जो एक तो हत्यारों को बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं… और ऊपर से पीड़ित लोगों का सहारा लेकर जुर्म को छुपाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं… धिक्कार है ऐसे विज्ञापनों और उन्हें बनाने वालों पर !!!

great hypocrisy!!

just search “vedanta niyamgiri” on youtube/google


I urge you to visit Niyamgiri hills, I am sure you will love the paradise on earth, which  Vedanta is hell bent on destroying .


Niyamgiri Hills, named after the Niyamraja, the main deity of the Donagria Kondhs, are one of last untouched wildernesses of Orissa. Rising to a height of more than four thousand feet, it is the source of Vamshadhara river as well as major tributaries of Nagavali rivers. Niyamgiris form a distinct phytogeographical zone because of its height and its highly precipitous topography . It has some of the most pristine forests in Orissa. Niyamgiri flora is of ‘great phyto-geographical importance’ as the hilltops harbor high altitude plants with Himalayan/North Indian and Nilgiri/South Indian elements. Preliminary studies show that it has approximately 50 species of important medicinal plants, about 20 species of wild ornamental plants, and more than 10 species of wild relatives of crop plants .

Amitav Ghosh via: Outlook India

I confess I had no idea of the pivotal importance of aluminium – in the chemical and geological composition of the environment, in finance, in the armaments industry, and indeed, in the political-economy of the contemporary world. Nor did I know that the hidden costs of producing aluminium are twice those of producing steel (each ton of aluminium requires 1,378 tons water).

The book demonstrates that despite all the talk of ‘reform’, ‘competition’ and ‘free markets’, the global aluminium industry is a cartel – and one that was established moreover, through Washington’s active efforts. There are eerie parallels and continuities with Britain’s role in the 19th century opium trade: the East India Company declared war on China in the name of Free Trade even as it was enriching itself through its opium monopoly in Bengal. Although the book does not point to this continuity, it does point to others: ‘India’s economic policy, and to a considerable extent its legislation too, is still controlled from London, as firmly as in the days of the East India Company and Raj, though this power is more hidden now, and operates through financial control and debt.’



Why This Is Important

Vedanta has come out with a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ad campaign called ‘creating happiness’. It is a complete eyewash for the audience. The company has been violating human rights of tribals in many areas and research proves that the company has a track record of extensive pollution caused by their refinery practices.The UK based corporate /mining giant is not ‘creating happiness’ but it’s faking happiness.

Recently, prominent public figures like Gul Panang , a social activist/ actress and Rajya sabha Member/  Eminent Film Maker Shyam Benegal, withdrew from the jury of the short film competition, as they became aware it was a PR excercise of Vedanta. The contest is a part of the campaign launched by Vedanta called “creating happiness’.

The 2010 Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests ( MoEF) report says Vedanta has been violating environmental guidelines. ( )

Research by Amnesty International and other local and international groups documents the serious and continuing pollution caused by the refinery’s operations. Despite the string of decisions against Vedanta, the company has failed to remedy the pollution.

The ‘Creating Happiness’  campaign is a move that eyewashes people and drifts away from all the sins committed by Vedanta.

Lets get as many people as you can to sign this petition and tell Information & Broadcasting Ministry Vedanta’s eyewash advertisement off air. Every signature sends an email to the Ministry of Information & broadcasting.

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