The Smiles Project decided to call this “The Happiest Video on the Internet Today” – which is a bit pompous …them words be real cheap these days in the age of upworthy – the footage failed to make me happy – but it might just be the “Sappiest, Smarmiest Video on The Internet This Week”

The video features a bunch of clowns riding around in a spray-painted SUV, videotaping everyone they see and asking them to smile, with cheap enticements like eclairs toffees and cutting chai in plastic cups. Even dogs aren’t spared the smile offensive.

At about 2:30 we see an end to that grating whistle tune and things get a bit uptempo, as middle-aged uncles get spray-painted in confetti.

382 smiles were captured, but is the world necessarily a better place? One may argue that they are actually making their city and planet worse, with their vehicular emissions. Such a person would be regarded as a killjoy.

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