Trending on YouTube this week is Jennifer Lopez’s passionate tribute to her buttocks, a song that’s so dumb that no one bothered to annotate 80% of the lyrics on Rapgenius. It’s got 28 million views+ and 100,000 dislikes on YouTube in less than three days at the time of blogposting, another brick in the twerking wall of fame.

In case you can’t hit play because it’s NSFW FYI, it features an interminably long countdown that would be better suited to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series,  followed by a number that makes Honey Singh seem like Mozart, Skrillex seem like Beethoven in comparison. The video is a watershed moment, it really seems like the day music died. RIP Music. Thanks for all the good times, the memories, the classics.

The YouTube comments on this are super entertaining and informative – MandyDoll points out that there’s a EOS lipbalm product placement at 3:06, (that agency meeting must have been interesting) SuperNinStar reminds us that people are dying in Africa, while Bence Marvai goes all John Lennon on us, asking us to “Imagine how the poop come out of these bootys”

Nopseudoleft56 puts in a ferocious rant that deserves a round of applause.

“Everything about this is shit. The music is shit: shitty fake electronic sound, the video is shit: J-Lo’s fat ass covered in slime all over the screen, the lyrics are shit: shake your booty repeated 3000 times in case you hadn’t understood the title, the message is shit. Seriously, you have acces to the most creative and talented people in the music industry to create your album, can’t you do better than that?? I guess there really is ZERO talent here (apart from the talent of acting like a dancing prostitute). I’m all for women freeing their bodies, their integrity, their power….but being a sex object? You SUCK!!!!!!”

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