The state assembly elections for the state of Bihar were held and the results declared and some time ago.

The best place to look for the results is to visit the site of the election commission of India’s (ECI) website itself at

However I could not find the raw data I was looking for. Raw data will allow me to do see things that main stream media simply doesn’t bother too much with.

I decided to scrub the data out from the ECI site itself and it turns out that the ECI has a page that shows data constituency wise. Check out a sample constituency here. Of course it will be too time consuming for me to visit every constituency and copy the data out to an excel, so I did the next laziest thing. It turns out that the source of this page is very predictable and a simple HTML parsing API can be used to extract the data out. I used PHP and plain text parsing for this.

So without further ado, here’s the raw data.

Interesting observations I have made.

  1. The highest margin of victory was by candidate Ashok Kumar of the Warisnagar constituency, with a difference of 58, 573 votes higher than his contender.
  2. The narrowest margin of victory was by candidate Sudama Prasad of the Tarari constituency, with a difference of just 272 votes.
  3. 2.5 percentage of the total votes (9, 47, 276) was cast to the ‘None of the above’ option.
  4. BJP had the maximum vote of all the parties with 24.4%. However, NDA has only 3rd most votes after the MGB and ‘Other’ parties.
  5. From the NDA, the BJP was the best performing party winning 52 of the 157 seats contested. The other parties won only 5 seats of the 86 seats.
  6. From the MGB, the RJD was the best performing winning 80 of the 101 seats, JDU winning 71 of 101 and INC winning 27 of 41 seats.
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