Speaking of owning an idea, Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist’s ERB YouTube series has enough heft to at least warrant a longread or a dissertation on what makes it click. Rap battles, popularised by the movie 8-mile is a great format for satire. Some of these videos have over 25 million views, making them the equivalent of internet superstars. Their sound byte-sized raps are consistently funny, tightly scripted, well-produced, full of devastating put downs and catchy beats. The user community keeps pitching new ideas, the videos have a timeless, epic quality to them – where else can you see a match-up that reads Adolf Hitler Vs Darth Vader, Beethoven Vs Justin Bieber, Mozart Vs Skrillex, Steve Jobs Vs  Bill Gates, Martin Luther King Vs Mahatma Gandhi, etc?

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