As a part of our internet culture studies program, we’ve subscribed to  Trendinalia to get a pulse on the daily Twitter trends that are peaking in India. It’s a battleground of furious attention-whoring, and Trendinalia is aptly named – it seems etymologically connected to Bacchanalia – an orgiastic festival held in ancient Greece, a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity.

Following Trendinalia is an essential part of your media diet – if you’re working in PR or social media, a digital agency or if you just want to know what the hivemind is flagellating about, and who’s hijacking it. It gives you a fair idea of the number of users needed to trend a topic on Twitter, it also credits users who started the trending topic. It’s awesome for recon work.

Today’s sponsored Twitter tag is #Betterworld, the hashtag was started by Mohit Yadav, an Indian diplomat living in Washington DC. He has more than 2,25,000 followers, and this tweet got the ball rolling.

This was supposed to be a rant on the kind of banal, tiresome hashtags that are trending today in India. So here it is. Not enough people are talking about #WorldToilet Day in a country that has more people who defecate in the open than the rest of the world put together.  What could be a more pressing, or depressing an issue to address? India might have more mobile phone owners than toilets, but those lacking access to sanitation are not on Twitter, that’s for sure. Seems like Twitter has been perpetually hijacked by social media wings of political parties, tiresome contests and fan clubs of sports starts and Bollywood celebs.


Today’s Trending Topics in India:


Here are some amazing database-derived factoids we gleaned on after following their account.

Meanwhile, a website dedicated to crowd-funding struggles to raise loans on sanitation projects. The sad reality of Indians who can’t afford to give a shit about where they take a shit. Nope, that doesn’t go viral. Not unless the 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts, found in each gram of excreta sign up on Twitter to tell you about it.

Here are a few accounts that are trying to trend on #WorldToiletDay, that you could RT if you give a shit.



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