If we were to vote for the most disruptive smartphone of the year, the Nexus 4 would certainly win top billing. A quad core smartphone with the latest stock Android firmware for $300? It’s a no brainer. This smartphone is so disruptive that it makes every other competitor at the same price range look pedestrian.

Sadly, LG hasn’t ramped up production of this smartphone in sufficient quantities, and might screw the pooch even further by not introducing this device at the same price range in Asia and other third world markets, where bargains like these are sure to make a huge impact. Here’s hoping 2013 brings the smartphone to a wider audience.

Update: So the Nexus 4 is finally available in India for 26k,($475) while that gets you the 16 GB version, it’s clear that there aren’t much subsidies being dished out for the third world markets. It’s sandwiched between the LG Optimus L7 II Dual P715 and the Optimus G. Sounds like a good buy if you want stock android, besides, it’s not been eol-ed yet by a new Nexus phone, unless you count the Galaxy S4 as one.


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