Watching Pricebaba`s latest attempt at culture-jamming is like being a pedestrian staring at a four-way intersection of smartphone OS updates, dessert, Indian nationalism and churnalism. It`s probably not a part of your news-cycle, media diet, area code, or district. We understand. When exactly did the name of a smartphone firmware update become such a big deal? Thanks to a smartphone userbase probably closing in on a billion, Android`s alphabetic and diabetic naming convention probably gets a mention in Malayala Manorama and Competition Success Review, so you probably know by now that Android`s latest build (4.4 ) has been called Kit Kat, not Kaju Katli.

via: Thenextweb: These geeks are urging Google to name the next version of Android after Indian sweet Ladoo

500 Startups-backed shopping search site Pricebaba last year launched a campaign to convince Google to name the new build after Indian sweet Kaju Katli, but their ambitious goal ultimately ended in defeat following Google’s announcement.

Pricebaba founder Annkur Agarwal`s thought-leadership in matters concerning the naming of firmware OSes is like watching him ride an epileptic horse in a derby race. Here he is, in a passive-aggressive way, posing as the voice a billion, accusing Google of selling out to Nestle.

He writes: `You know we continue to love Android. We poured our heart into KajuKatli for Android and you disappointed us :(`

Annkur`s tiresome campaign to christen the next update as Android Ladoo is getting coverage from tier 1 blogs, and this isn`t a work of satire. He appears to be dead serious.

Personally, I`m not all that hot on Android or Google anymore. Maybe it`s Snowden`s revelations that we`ve constructed elaborate panopticons for ourselves with our own hard-earned money and time. Firmware updates aren`t necessarily making our fondleslabs better – I purchased a Nexus 4 this year, hoping to get the latest updates first, but 4.3 has soft-bricked my phone, and it`s stuck at the X logo. You`d think that Google and LG would put their A-team on a Nexus phone, but they`re a bunch of amateurs, would you know.

`We are Indians. We have a big heart. We understand that there might be commercial pressures to do so.`

No, it was you. Your stupid idea to call it Kaju Katli. And it was amusing for a nanosecond.

`Or may be our voices were just not loud enough to make KajuKatli Android a reality. With enough advance notice this time, we request you to name the next version of Android as LADOO.`

Is it a worthy cause, investing our cognitive surplus into? Should we, as Indians rally forth, and support this campaign? On what moral grounds? And should we feel pride, and bask in this achievement, if it were to be called Ladoo? What if it were called Laddu? Or Laddoo?

via: thenextweb:

That said, Sundar Pichai, the executive who heads up Android, will be familiar with the sweet since he was born and raised in India. While he may at least open the box Pricebaba is sending to him, anything further seems unlikely.

Points to ponder:

Is this a Marketing #Win for Pricebaba?

What`s it going to be: Android Ladoo, Laddu, or Laddoo?

Do laddoos survive on express delivery on FedEX?

Have you ever had food-poisoning after eating ladoos?

Will Sundar Pichai or anyone at Google eat those laddoos?

Will Android name its next firmware update Android Ladoo, and make Annkur`s dreams come true?

Which other churnalist outlets are going to report this story in their technology section?

Stay tuned to thenextmeme to find out!

Saw a petition on Facebook for the next Android OS to be named `Ladoo`. That sounds awful.

— Red-Eye Jedi (@SmokingsKills) September 10, 2013


Come on @annkur, now this is getting just plain ridiculous http://t.co/ZoXv8UVEri

— Tushar Kanwar (@2shar) September 9, 2013


Go support Ladoo as next Android name and Chota Bheem the mascot. & Please die.

— pXy (@pxy) September 8, 2013


Is there an anti-Ladoo campaign or a petition I can sign up for to stop this nonsense?

— Aditya (@laemo) September 9, 2013


Android 4.4 Kaju Katli, 4.5 – Laddoo, 4.6 Modak, 4.7 – Neyappam -> The World According to @annkur

— Sriram Sharma (@slashgod) September 9, 2013


Who the hell at @afp wrote this – `Now a group of 500 Indian tech start-ups have banded together` http://t.co/IsGjmFMVN3

— Gaurav Shukla (@gauravshukla) September 10, 2013


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  1. Thespellingnazi

    Its Malayala Manorama. Without the m at the end of MalayalaM.