Matt Taibbi comes back from a two month exile, his suppressed fermented rage blasted out in a bilge of scatalogical rhetoric. His target? – war profiteers in Iraq: Private contractors.

For greater comedy I’ve done a web 2.0 mash up of his article:

engineering clusterfucks useless pile of rubble caked in shit and piss subpar plumbing terrible job diluted urine and feces brown splotch fiasco pile of shit bunch of toothless black survivors Iraq is still in flames Operation Iraqi Freedom crude first take blurred to the point of absurdity appalling history of invoicing orgies and million-dollar boondoggles sort of paradise of perverted capitalism obscene profits unaccountable government bureaucracy supremely idiotic military adventure Republican bona fides what this war-ravaged, malnourished, sanitation-deficient country most urgently needed was … an anti-smoking campaign. $2 million stuffed into a duffel bag Willy Wonka’s paradise for contractors Republican-friendly businessmen a farce request phony “bids” failed miserably given scads of money abandoned Iraqi Airways forklifts repainted $100,000 wads of cash as toys worst case of fraud clumsiest war profiteers bilk American taxpayers brazen, two-bit, purse-snatching money caper 10,000 times with your tax dollars $12 billion in cash flown into Baghdad on huge wooden pallets KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary phantom deliveries “sailboat fuel.” burning taxpayer funds marred by serious design flaws shoddily constructed multiple layers of subcontractors handed out money “Dummy Vendor.” 190,000 weapons are missing in Iraq much-ballyhooed “do-gooder” project grandstanding, self-serving, indulgent and ultimately useless monstrous vacuum of patriotism blithely disinterested rampant waste of money and resources widespread contempt for the ostensible “purpose” five years of some of the worst graft and looting in American history looting or other improprieties, totality of the thievery disposable commodities civilian contractors who surfed the Internet and played pool and watched movies all day for big dollars broken air conditioning unknown realms of moral insanity greed-fueled hijacking suckling at the taxpayer teat In the history of balls the most diabolical, shameless, tongue-twisting bullshit in history mountains of thefts and fuck-ups big steaming shit piles beyond inefficiency, beyond fraud even corrupted by the profit motive

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