All eyes are on BJP’s Narendra Modi – the most talked about Indian politician according to Google Trends. We’ve had international publications like the Guardian and The Economist address some of their concerns, Indiatogether wonders what the social and ecological costs are. It’s fairly obvious who profits from Modi, and that the Gujarat development story has its critics.

“sidestepping all norms to make land and water available to corporates such as the Adanis, Reliance and Tatas, including environmental clearances based on flimsy impact assessment, hugely subsidised land and resource allocations, and forcible land acquisition.”

The Ska Vengers uncover some of the skeletons in his closet in this animated music video.

Everyone expects the Congress (I) to lose this time, the bards at AIB are so confident of this outcome that they’ve preemptively released a sendoff video.


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