At some point in Tamil Cinema, the erstwhile hero of the masses, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad a.k.a Rajnikanth mired himself in “character roles” as the nice guy, much to the disappointment of his Rasigar mandirams (fan clubs) who’d fallen in love with his bullet-defying badassery. In the 80s, these masala flicks had a patent formula. Rajnikant would smoke like a chimney, dance with Silk Smitha and defy all laws of physics to destroy the bad guys.

Rajnikant’s success was largely attributed to the color of his skin, which was a few shades closer to the average Tamilian. His physics defying stunts or his nativity were never questioned, he was one of them, the projection of a million repressed and neutered libidos.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and it wasn’t long before K.N.Alagarswamy Vijayaraja a.k.a Vijayakanth donned the superhero costume, and became the new zeitgeist for the angry Tamilian. Vijayakant didn’t try to equal his master, he upped the ante, pushed the envelope, raised the bar, changed the game etc, carving a niche that is truly his own. It is said that in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition, Charlie Chaplin came third. Vijayakanth is better at being Rajnikanth in all respects.

In Soviet Tamil Nadu, Current Gets a Shock

It’s Bullet-time


This action scene, gamified

For the most badass Vijayakanth video ever, read this post on Cooling Glasses.

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6 Responses

  1. Avinash

    After years of exposure to this, viewing the same old unbelievable nonsense, you’d think that it’s really old by now and not funny any more.

    You’d be wrong.

  2. Ramanan

    Amazing compiltaion of absolute absurdities. Sriram you are genius and I missed to notice your prowess and saw the wrong side when it wasnt required.

    Good work pal. I still remember the day we went out for dinner at shiv sagar a week after I had joined and the day we went for the thread ceremony together…

    Apologies for hurting your sentiments in history….

    Reply at will…

  3. EugenicScum

    I’ve been a lifelong fan of this guy’s work. Two of the best moments from his more recent movies:

    Ramana: The heroine’s sister is as usual framed by the bad guys/cops as a prostitute. Move to the courtroom scene. She shouts out “I’m not prostitute. I’m virgin”. The judge orders “Ok Send her for virginity test”. Next scene is at a hospital bed. They show the girl and the nurse coming in. Then then show the shadow of the nurse fisting her. Nurse tells the Judge that she’s a virgin. Judge says “haha not anymore”. Goes on to rape her and she ends up in prison.

    Perarasu: Twin role vijaykanth with one guy being a devious CBI officer and Prakash Raj as the Minister doubling up as the villian. The cute newcomer heroine just jumps around with kids and is totally all over our CBI officer hero Vijaykanth. There’s this one scene where her bra flies from her room, falls on the roof of this guy’s car and she tries to get it back without him noticing it. After they talk for a while, he realizes it’s her bra that she’s trying to snatch back. So he goes, rough translation, “Oh such a small thing that you’re making a big fuss about” to which she goes “Small? Among all my friends I have the biggest…”. The scene ends right there before the hero goes owning more bad guys.

  4. Sriram

    Hahaha awesome. Didn’t this guy also support the LTTE with that movie Captain Prabhakaran?

  5. Anonymous

    rocking, i just love eclectic stuff like this , you made my day. I am a brand new fan. jeetu