It’s not that I am endowed with a an enlightened intelligence or an advanced degree in science to arrive to the conclusion that all religion is ridiculous.

It’s not that I fail to understand that religion has a few good points. Or that people follow religion because they want to feel alive, or that they want to belong.

It’s not that I don’t understand that all religious conflict and retelling of historic and current events always have an element of personal Us vs. Them bias to it.

And that underpinning all conflict is power, the need for, the greed for, the self-righteous claim for power. And that religion is a fantastic way to consolidate it. Family, Relatives, Caste, Religion, Country, World. We make our priorities. We know what comes first.

I hate religion because it’s on a warpath with reason. With evolution. That we’ve forgotten the allegorical nature of the text, and now resort to literal interpretations of stuff that was written hundreds of years ago. This is ridiculous. Religion belongs to a time when we were really ignorant about a lot of things.

I hate religion because it polarizes. Because we’ve allowed it to consolidate and organize. And it’s turned nasty.

It’s time for atheists to come together.

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