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  1. Should have checked himself…poor guy

  2. when boys help you …

  3. I don’t know where to even start

  4. Flirting

  5. -Fuck

  6. Which is it??

  7. So this happened…

  8. Talk about being optimistic

  9. This map of Reykjavík airport looks like a guy with his hand down a garbage can

  10. Apple users, meet Wave.

  11. Idiocracy is real in America today….

  12. The irony is strong with this one

  13. A different ending…

  14. Oh kanye

  15. What’s behind your ear?

  16. Girls on r/gonewild

  17. Baby’s Got Mac

  18. You had one job….

  19. Probably the best Homecoming proposal I’ve seen

  20. Apple health app

  21. we’ve all been there

  22. How I felt taking a bath last night 36 weeks pregnant.

  23. I”ll be watching you…

  24. Want.

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