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  1. “Mom, Joey’s touching me! Mom. Mom. MOMMMMMM!”

  2. Somebody left their dog in the library… I feel like it wants me to come pet it or something

  3. Aren’t you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?

  4. The shame of hitting rock bottom

  5. 3rd day that I’ve been hiding and no one has noticed me yet.

  6. Most honest candy ever

  7. When you gotta make a header for a 30 page essay.

  8. Cosplay

  9. Life debt

  10. And so, Monday ends…

  11. This little piece of sh*t has been enjoying his brand new box for 3 hours straight..

  12. A friend spotted this on a car in their town

  13. Thug Life

  14. I’m Vegan

  15. They look so happy!

  16. I just want to park.

  17. AVG Feels So Good!

  18. Me too Bono, me too.

  19. Smart and Safe Answer

  20. Always good to have a system.

  21. Our elegant solution for keeping the dog in without a screen door.

  22. Ellen is not impressed

  23. These two look like they could have their own show.

  24. Found on a computer in a classroom at a community college… The duct tape went all the way around the PC.

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