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  1. When I was younger I thought this movie was about a girl slowly turning into an ape and then turning into a man.

  2. Someone made 50 cent’s tweet into a poster

  3. Lets do this! 🙁

  4. Sweet tattoo dude.

  5. This is so true

  6. Robin needs an adult (preferably a man)

  7. Ever since he was deposed from Mordor, Sauron has been working at the Cheesecake Factory.

  8. Proud to be an Australian.

  9. Cut your fuel bills in half this winter

  10. America in four words.

  11. Do you want crossovers? Because this is how you do crossovers:

  12. Somehow the wrong answers are all so much better than the right one

  13. Wish there were more articles like this

  14. Chocolate Banana

  15. Fuck washing dishes.

  16. Asians.

  17. It’s the only way.

  18. This guys are always welcome.


  20. His “Spidey Sense”

  21. /r/superherothongshots

  22. At 23 I fear I will look at life like this forever.

  23. Gettin’ comfy in the Library

  24. So this is what Jesus would do.

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