India’s elections are on full swing and social media is a virtual battleground. Photoshop artistes and copywriters are working overtime, force-feeding us a buffet of biting political memes, cartoons. You may have seen some of these on your feed, but have you seen them all? Ping us on any of our social media networks if we’ve missed out on anything hilarious. Headline courtesy: Downworthy

Arvind Kejriwal - At least he is doing something

  Narendra Modi to Nitin Gadkari: "Girl Malnutrition is due to figure consciousness"   robert vadra meme, guess his fav. TV show? Modi Vs. Manmohan Singh in Mission 2014 Rahul Gandhi: I don't know who you are, but i'll find you and empower you! Kejriwal and Katrina Kaif - Aam Aadmi and Aam Aurat! Arvind Kejriwal - Counterstrike Humor arvind kejriwal, #yokejrisohonest Rahul Gandhi, LOL Rahul Gandhi - Amul Baby When Rahul and Arnab Met..




 — Rustam Vania (@rustamvania) April 4, 2014






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