Twitter has declared the 2014 Indian General Elections is a Twitter election, this Android app made by TCS called iElect does data visualisation and sentiment analysis app of over 3.5 million tweets to tell you who’s dominating the political discourse in real-time. Can Big-Data/Twitter sentiment analysis help us figure out who will win the Ballot? That’s what we’ll be finding out soon, for now it helps us do some armchair analysis about the elections.

The Most Discussed Trending Topics Are

Most Discussed Twitter Trending Topics This Week

Most Discussed Candidates

Most Discussed Candidates

INC gets the highest number of negative tweets

Elections 2014: Highest percentage of Negative tweets

BJP has a good week on social media, but their tweet count is a fraction of INC or AAP

Sentiment Trend: BJP in the 2014 Elections

INC had a huge positive upswing on 9/4, with 15,000 positive tweets, but has been overwhelmed by negative sentiments since then.

INC Sentiment Analysis: Twitter Elections

AAP has had one good day on the 13’th, with negative tweets closely shadowing the positive.

Sentiment Analysis: AAP's performance this week

Which Indian politician has had the highest positive sentiment on Twitter this week?

Sentiment Trend Comparison: Narendra Modi Vs Arvind Kejriwal Vs. Rahul Gandhi

Which Indian politician has had the highest negative sentiment on Twitter this week? The same guy.

Sentiment Analysis: Political Leaders With Highest Negative Tweets

Will Twitter sentiment analysis help us predict electoral results? We’ll have a follow up post to ask the same – stay tuned on any or all of our social networks for an update on the same.

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