As you may know it’s our business to be digging for comedy gold, so here’s a short list of the funniest YouTube videos from India this year, scraped from the Rewind 2013 playlist.

Amassing over 3.6 million views, the most watched comedy video on YouTube is in Telugu/English, and it comes from a dude called Sabarish Kandregula. It features hilarious wordplay used by a bunch of engineering students as they faff, ad-lib bullshit during their viva exams.

Gangs of Social Media is a spoof on Gangs of Wasseypur. It’s at #9 on the list and has 1.8 million pageviews. These are the same guys who gave us this gem, so they’re on the ball like a circus seal.

And that’s pretty much it folks! The rest of the stuff on this playlist was bullshit and I wouldn’t bother with it if I were you. Head here for more curmudgeon-curated Comedy Gold instead.

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