If you’re serious about ‘owning’ an idea, you need a solid work ethic – take these guys for example. They crank out spoofs on every new Apple product, each one as funny and vital as the previous year’s.

It’s hard to bake a decent smartphone together – a device that doesn’t exhibit appalling taste, lack of judgement and humanity. Nevertheless, like automobiles, it’s a fascinating sector to gawp at, and be amazed by the might and magic of our technological overlords, the sheer work ethic of their evil.


Following Snowden’s revelations, these smartphones seem like tainted goods, a black mirror to the globalized world of ours, whose supply chain probably benefits from illegal mining, war, cheap third-world labour, dirty coal, massive government subsidies, these inequities are passed on to the consumer in the form of a disposable gadget loaded with bloatware, malware and spyware, relevant to the conveyor-belt of tech news and unboxing videos for about three months.

The popularity of Phonebloks, and its impending KONY-like thunderclap campaign brings to light the idea that we need gadgets that are easily serviceable, and built to last. Technically, it’s a pipe dream, Fairphone’s goals seem more realistic and humane, not to mention affordable. What’s worse is our reality, where flagship smartphones with  user-replaceable batteries and expandable memory slots are a dying breed. Before Apple releases a diamond-studded iPhone, let’s try and fight planned obsolesence by protesting loudly to our tech overlords that our gadgets should be forever.

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