“It’s like you were all hooked up to milking machines, and instead of complaining, you all painted your milking machines different colours, and put stickers on them, and argued over which milking machine was best.
I suppose these days, the entire entertainment industry regards most individuals as nothing more than a big consuming mouth wearing designer jeans full of money so what the fuck! So Transformers War for Cybertron.. Gather around and consume away you big jeans wearing mouth cattle things! “


Need video-game reviews that don’t sound like they’re written buy a gushing 10-year old? Yahtzee’s reviews are always salty and spiked, and always on target. Check em out.

The Epic 101s is a curated list of the best documentaries, movies, videos, and music. Whether you’re living under a rock, or behind a company firewall, or sifting through dreck on your information stream, here’s a remedial list of things that are upworthy, deserving of e-props and analysis. Add the 101′s to your media diet or torrent feed, for a drip-feed of nutritious and enlightening entertainment.


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