Wow, India has really progressed far as a nation if we have ladies-only mosh-pits, even if it’s in the safe confines of NH7 Pune. Glad to see that no women were molested (except by their own kind) or seriously injured. The only other place where you’re likely to see this kind of behavior is in ladies-special trains at the Mumbai local.

The comments section on YouTube is divided into two camps, metalheads who are too embarrassed to call themselves metalheads, blaming Scribe, NH7, hipsters and growth hormones in our factory-farmed foods for this cultural atrocity. At the other end you have internet knights and women who think they have the right to mosh as much as men.

It would have been hilarious to see some 300 pound dude quarterback himself into the pit to show them how it’s done. The video lacks a punchline, but there are some interesting comments on YouTube.

Grand Magus slam dunks it with this comment:
Wow! Looks like the girls have successfully synced their periods *slow clap*

Here’s Archita Trisal’s burn

Hahaha! How insecure are you, man? Getting worked up over something as innocuous as this! Girls beating you at acads, workplace and everywhere else? Scared we might take your pretty little mosh away? You seriously think girls “moshing” will ruin a genre of music? Lulzies. Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow a female growler? Jesus, this does not bode well for you.

Think once before you type. Your adolescence isn’t attractive. Lock yourself up in a room and applaud yourself for being a proud metal fan.

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