Why do we want to be more like white people? The burden of destroying this beautiful planet of ours surely goes to them, you think. Witness the white man’s many burdens: slavery, plunder, genocide, deforestation, agent orange, nuclear weapons, GMO food, and then ask why you would want to appear fairer?

Have we completely lost it as a species? Witness this excruciating 30 second psychic attack on the fairer sex suffering from dark armpits, and weep for humanity.

Here’s another ad for a vaginal whitening cream. What’s the next frontier for the cosmetic industry? Anal bleaching cream?

It does teach you something useful though – you need to have the gag-reflex of a vulture to survive in the advertising industry, selling shit you don’t need, reinforcing every racist notion that our former slave-owners left us with.

Update: On its way to acquiring meme status is Gore Gote, which went live yesterday. Hilarious.

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