We’re wired to the gif-factory on the internet to find the freshest, funniest gifs to hit the comedy leaderboard. These are today’s upvoted gifs, crowd-curated by the internet.

  1. Precision dart throw

  2. Gangsta

  3. Attack on Titan is so brutal.

  4. Extreme collie

  5. Activate Swag In: 3..2..1…

  6. Canadian Nightmare

  7. Pouring a rainbow

  8. Great friends pulling a prank

  9. This could save a lot of hassle in parking lots.

  10. New friends won’t talk to me

  11. Owl Landing

  12. Check out my stick!

  13. Hamster doesn’t fit

  14. Prismatic paint job

  15. This Can’t be a Good Sign…

  16. This is why I don’t like these things

  17. Flying through an iceberg

  18. nailed it

  19. The technology will be our doom…

  20. Dog stays by the side of his dead owner 🙁

  21. Romania street racing

  22. Left-handed problems…

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