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  1. Ordered a blueberry muffin. Got 1 blueberry. I didnt expect the description to be so accurate.

  2. Were you going somewhere?

  3. In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall

  4. Man smiles in mug shot after beating his wife with a golf club

  5. This is basically the front page right now

  6. #1: you’re an idiot that thinks a rotary phone can get texts.

  7. If heaven exists

  8. You will be missed

  9. Reddit could use some In Living Color.

  10. Helping a friend in need

  11. One last laugh…

  12. Disney’s Eyes

  13. The actual photo taken by Nick Frost during Shaun of the Dead

  14. I found it.

  15. Thanks bowling alley blacklight…

  16. I was strolling through London when I saw this.

  17. Dogs don’t give a shit about how much money you have.

  18. Playing with your cat: expectation vs reality

  19. I should stop feeding the wildlife

  20. Even after telling him “Sir that’s not where gas goes” He put 5 gallons in.

  21. Long Lost Twins

  22. The consequences could be dire

  23. My first victim…

  24. Low fuel light is on. Guess I’ll be walking.

  25. Why?

  26. Cash register at the local aquarium store.

  27. Well, she gave it a shot. [FIXED]

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