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  1. Well they did say “make yourself at home”…

  2. Oh shit…

  3. The perfect blend of bad jokes

  4. Just before the Packers- Saints start i spotted these two in the crowd

  5. Grounded

  6. I admit, I laughed harder than I should of.

  7. Every interview on FOX.

  8. B, but….ok

  9. Now this is the chocolate I’ve been looking for

  10. This is why I love the Simpsons.

  11. Tried to walk in these but stumbled.

  12. +3 Holy Damage

  13. Looks like 90 degree weather today

  14. Looks like someone`s never seen that before.

  15. 90 Degree Weather? More like 97 Degree Weather.

  16. Monday.

  17. Beagle Cop! The gunman.

  18. Met this sexy bar wench last night. There’s nothing hotter than a babe in a bar wench costume.

  19. This kids gonna be alright!

  20. You want some?

  21. I miss pre-coke Lindsay

  22. Heh.

  23. This picture never ceases to make me laugh

  24. Introverts unite!

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