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  1. No regrets

  2. You’re Vietnamese honey…

  3. The Original Photobomber

  4. Sex in the office

  5. Have You Seen Your Cat?

  6. How to ruin English lessons for kids..

  7. Probably the worst slogan they could’ve picked for this event

  8. The more you know

  9. The Simpson’s Facebook page posted this, I love it

  10. thought it was a backpack at first

  11. Literally every school day and work day

  12. The Onion compares iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5

  13. Sad Zombie.

  14. …NOW

  15. Guy says he’s made a hobby out of embarrassing his daughter…

  16. When you fall asleep at the slots in Vegas

  17. I REALLY wanna know, how much did this kid score!

  18. I asked her to smile for the camera

  19. Guess some people can’t wait till they get home

  20. Ha! Parents!

  21. If 1 out of 4 people down vote this, then we have proof that John Oliver is awesome

  22. The definition of smooth

  23. Googled men wearing yoga pants…was not disappointed

  24. Google accuracy at its finest!

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