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  1. I guess I have to give him credit…

  2. Pillow Strategy

  3. “Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this….” (Facebook feed)

  4. Despicable me

  5. Hey Craig!

  6. Frisky Fred

  7. White girls in the fall be like.

  8. Unisex

  9. How’s your pullout game

  10. Tired of people using your mug?

  11. Rules are for fools


  13. And so, Monday begins…

  14. A proper American desk chair…

  15. How do you call them?

  16. This bench looks pretty unstable

  17. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil

  18. The first thing Microsoft will do now they’ve bought Minecraft

  19. There really is no hope for the children of today….

  20. “We go together like…”

  21. Hey, at least it’s just a PT Cruiser.

  22. Taking a shit..

  23. He looks stuffed

  24. White girl wasted just reached a whole new level

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