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  1. Went out of town. Girlfriend gave me her stuffed monkey to keep me company. Sent her this.

  2. Gargamel, the early days.

  3. On a side note, that is a REALLY 90s dress

  4. They nailed it

  5. Power Girl suffering from amnesia, asking the big questions

  6. Arrested Development never gets old

  7. “What would Jesus do?”

  8. Everytime Somebody ‘Spots a UFO’

  9. Every year I vote for him; every year I hope for him.

  10. The Best

  11. Ed Byrne dropped this on British Television. Amazing.

  12. Only had enough bread to make one sandwich today 🙁

  13. I think Daniel Radcliffe really enjoyed his AMA

  14. How I’ve felt the last week

  15. Thank god I didn’t order him a white ninja outfit.

  16. Talking about white guy problems..

  17. well this turned out unintentionally racist

  18. And we’ll have more from the Obvious News Network at 11

  19. Priorities

  20. Little.

  21. The saddest Halloween costume ever

  22. I had a good laugh.

  23. Brazzers changes everything

  24. I work in a church, and this is hilarious.

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