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  1. Found in a cemetary

  2. Writing essays – for beginners

  3. Faceplant

  4. Thanks, bro!

  5. Nosy bastards.

  6. Every Sports Interview

  7. Pondering life while watching the trees pass.

  8. clap clap clap

  9. FOX News is confused again

  10. Contrary to popular belief…

  11. Your dog is doing his business

  12. One of the most brilliant whose lines

  13. Grab a Pepsi, lose a finger

  14. What I predict the iWatch will actually look like.

  15. When I sing along with Beyoncé..

  16. As a code monkey this hits a little to close to home…

  17. Coke Zero apparently isn’t good at taking panoramas either…

  18. This is the most accurate thing I have seen in a while

  19. Me, at job interviews.

  20. Hey, Wolf…

  21. It’s that kind of morning.

  22. Every friend I have that works at Apple or Google…

  23. So i got feedback from /r/rateme

  24. Being a chicken sucks

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