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  1. What I think when I hear about a new iPhone being released.

  2. Revenge

  3. “Okay guys, we need a good line that screams out why our customers would buy this product, GO!!”

  4. post it man

  5. Downfall of technology

  6. Apparently, this kid is smarter than all of us at his age.

  7. This Probably Isn’t the Billboard the Westboro Baptist Church Wanted in Its Hometown Oh well, it’s up now

  8. Now what?

  9. A beautiful transformation story

  10. Comrade

  11. We all have that one friend

  12. These two know how to start a day. With dance.

  13. As a former retail worker I can vouch

  14. The origins of Forever Alone Guy

  15. Do I pull over or?

  16. Visiting an older relatives house.

  17. just give me the fucking pancakes

  18. I’m pretty sure that’s a word.

  19. I’ve been trying to

  20. That’s not a good sign

  21. Friend posted a picture on facebook. I had to make an edit.

  22. “All right Homer what is it you’re attempting to do?”

  23. Put Minion goggles on our new kettle

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