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  1. So this girl run in the field to touch players butts

  2. I knew it, but this is ridiculous….

  3. A hero when we needed it the most

  4. Logic of history.

  5. Put it out of its misery!

  6. Why dinosaurs are really gone

  7. A coworker’s daughter teaches English in Vietnam. She went to the school library to find a book for the kids and came across this.

  8. What does he look like?

  9. I work in a restaurant and this is how I plate our sausages, always.

  10. Jesus Christ, Jerry….

  11. Swoosh rhymes with douche

  12. Bam!

  13. Chris Brown cheating with a waitress.

  14. Suddenly I’m looking forward to the ten thousand Elsas on Halloween…

  15. One of the best scenes in The Other Guys.

  16. An old friend of mine just got a job driving this fuckin’ thing.

  17. You shut your whore mouth, watch

  18. That moment when you just give up and don’t care anymore

  19. The laziest gun in the world.

  20. It never fails

  21. The struggle is real.

  22. This show is criminally underrated

  23. Cat takes selfie to prove he is being abused.

  24. Kanye hard at work in the studio.

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